Mama Mondays

A B Studios Exclusive!!
Mommies Bootiecamp workout + Mama Time with Racheal Kwacz
A workout that’s designed to help all mommies (whether newly postpartum or beyond) shred their pregnancy baby weight, through a combination of cardio and strength moves, targeting all the “mommy problem areas”. The workout is suitable for ALL levels as modifications will be given based on ones fitness levels.
Mama Time with Racheal Kwacz” (Child & Family Development Specialist) on different topics ranging from self-care, postpartum depression, motherhood, what life looks like after baby, respectful parenting, relationships, marriage, etc. It’s a casual get-together session where moms are able to share, love, and learn from each other.”

Fri 14th Sept : Making mama friendsMon 15th Oct : Mama guilt

Mon 19th Nov : Marriage after baby

Mon 17th Dec : Mama time

Mon 21st Jan : Mama + work

Mon 19th Feb : Mama tribe