Restore Your Core

A 6 week postpartum programme designed to restore and reconnect with your core (Suitable for all Postpartum Mommies, regardless of what stage of your postpartum journey you are in). This programme runs a few times during the year. Contact us on 0122069974 to find out the latest dates.
During pregnancy, you go through a myriad of changes to make way for the new life growing inside you.  Ligaments loosen, muscles stretch and weaken, changes occur in the body’s gravity centre, with accompanying  postural shifts and the worse- Diastasis recti, or DRA (or Ab Separation as some of know it) . Such changes not only frustrate a mother’s confidence level, but also predispose mothers to injuries or tightness in the lower back, shoulders, neck and hips or wherever each individual takes strain in her own body physically and mentally. Luckily, Postnatal Pilates is here- It is one of the most effective ways to encourage the abdominal muscles to return to their pre-pregnancy state and get back to back to the normal life as soon as possible-Reconnect with your “core” and help with repairing and losing that postpartum mummy belly–  Tighten, close and repair the Diastasis Recti gap-Learn to flatten your stomach through posture and standing up the right way-Know how to engage the abdominal properly to help your body heal for good-Strengthen & learn how to keep a supple Pelvic Floor-Relieve shoulder & neck pain caused by breast feeding-Prevent incontinence during exercise / movements-Improve your posture ( that can be compromised at times from carrying baby over time and from breastfeeding )