Is B Studios just for moms? Can i join the classes even if i’m not a mother? 

YES! We are an all-inclusive studio that caters to everyone, with different fitness levels. We don’t just offer prenatal and post-natal classes. We also offer a wide range of multidisciplinary and multi-leveled classes that suit every fitness need.



Where can I read a description of each class? 

Please take a look at descriptions of our full range of classes on http://www.bstudios.my/classes



What do I need for each class?   

You will need grip socks for B Sculpt, Yoga and Pilates. Gym shoes will be required for all other classes. We highly recommend that you ALWAYS bring along gym/sports shoes so that you have the option of using them should you need to (and you can always buy a pair of socks at our front desk but not a pair of shoes :D)


Are men allowed in the studio?  

YES! We are an all-inclusive studio that caters to everyone, with the added benefit of having a kids area and baby-changing facilities. Men are welcome to join any of our classes (except our prenatal and postnatal classes of course! :P), and of course fathers are always welcome – lead by example we say!


Are kids allowed in class?  

Yes, babies are allowed in class in our baby friendly and postpartum classes [Yoga (baby-friendly), B Rehab, B Plus] and older kids can be left in our play area within sight of their parents working out and vice-versa, so no separation anxiety!


Is there a minimum age for babies to join?   

No! We encourage mummies to come in for postpartum rehab whenever they’re ready (with their doctors consent!) and bring their babies along! So the minimum age of your baby will be whenever you are ready to start on your postpartum programme!


How do I keep my baby in class?   

We have a limited number of baby seats, but plenty of yoga mats (and so far, all our babies love tummy-time on the yoga mats!), but if you prefer, bring along a small baby playmat, carseat or baby carrier (if you’d like to baby-wear).


Are the instructors certified?  

All of our pre natal and post natal classes are run by Pre natal and Post Natal certified instructors. Our other classes are also run by instructors certified in their respective fields.


Can I bring strollers?  

As we are a 2nd floor studio which is only accessible by stairs, we recommend you leave your strollers in the car and use your baby carrier or car seat.



Can I just drop in to class without making a booking?  

No, we will require a booking or at the very least, email / DM / call us to book and get a confirmation from us one (1) day before you arrive to class.


Can I make last minute cancellations?   

You may make a cancelation at any time, however, any cancellations with less than 12-hours notice (less than 12 hours before your class), will result in a class credit being forfeited from your package.



Am I allowed to use credits for any class?   

Yes, our package credits are valid for ANY class and for numerous other member benefits, which we announce via our Instagram and Facebook pages!

How do I find out the expiry date of my package, pause my membership (only for a valid reason and at the absolute discretion of B Studios), and add people to my package?   

Drop us an email on info@bstudios.my with your name, email and contact number for us to do the necessary.



Can i share my package with friends?  

Yes you can. All our packages (except for the first time trial package) can be shared with up to 4 people and used for any of our classes.



How do i buy a package?  

To book a class, you will be required to purchase a package from us first via our website on www.bstudios.my/packages/ OR at the studio itself.



I’ve bought a package, now what?  

Logon to our website http://www.bstudios.my/classes-schedule, go through our schedule, click on a class you’d like to attend, click book, sign in, and voila, you’re booked!



I’ve paid for my package online, why can’t I make a booking?

At times, your details may be in the system but may not have been set up properly. When that happens, please do the following:

  • Go to http://www.bstudios.my/classes-schedule

  • Click make a booking

  • When prompted to login, insert the email address you signed up with and click “Create Password”

  • Follow the instructions given

  • Subsequently login in again with your new password and Voila, you’re booked!

If this doesn’t solve the problem, feel free to drop us an email at info@bstudios.my or DM us on Instagram @BStudiosFitness or Facebook Bstudiosfitness



I’ve bought a package, why can’t I login or book a class? 

Please see our answer for the preceding question.




Where are you located? 

We are located on Jalan Telawi, the row of shophouses facing the housing area, on the same row as Pos Malaysia and Balloon Buzz. We are on the second floor right above BRIQs, accessible by stairs, so carriers are recommended.



Where can I park? Is it easy to walk to?

You can park in a parking spot on Jalan Telawi and buy a parking ticket, or in Bangsar Village 1 or 2, as our studio is only 1 minute walk from the entrance of both Bangsar Villages.



Do I need to pay for parking on the road in front of B Studios?

Yes, on Mondays-Saturdays, 7.30am-6.30pm, the charges are RM1 per hour to be paid by coins or Touch n Go card.



Can I bring strollers? 

As we are a 2nd floor studio which is only accessible by stairs, we recommend you leave your strollers in the car and use your baby carrier or car seat.